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Questions I Ponder From Time to Time


Why, why why!!

I find myself from time to time questioning why certain things are, the way they are. For instance I often wonder why my husband throws his dirty clothes next to the hamper? Is it a commitment thing? For instance does he think, yeah it’s sort of dirty but maybe not dirty enough to wash yet, I’ll throw it next to the hamper and see if I’m still compelled to wear it later.

Another interesting phenomena in my own home is my daughter’s fairly consistent complaint each evening that she does not have enough time to complete all her homework. I actually timed her one evening, she spent 1 hour and 34 minutes sitting in the kitchen, then moving to the living room playing with our dog, moving things in and out of her room all the while actively engaged in a diatribe about how much time she does not have, to do her homework. I, of course, made the mistake all parents of teenagers do, I suggested the obvious, “if you had been working on your homework the entire time you were complaining about it you would be done by now.” I quickly learned all over again not all observations are welcomed by humans of the teenage ilk.

Why do some people preach the evils of sugar but smoke cigarettes? Or why do some people preach the evils of cigarettes but go to tanning beds? I personally know people who fall in each category.

And why do people still go to tanning booths? Melanoma has to be by far one of the worst cancers in terms of prognosis after diagnosis. I know people who would absolutely cringe at the thought of not washing their hands after going to the bathroom but will bake their skin in a tanning booth? What fascinates me is what is going on in the inner workings of their brain synapses that makes one reprehensible and the other acceptable?

What makes a cat person versus a dog person? I am not talking about the crazies, like me, that have a cat, dog, guinea pigs, and fish! I am talking about the cat person who detests dogs and the dog person who detests cats? How does that manifest itself exactly?

Another conundrum, why do some people let little things eat at them? I have seen people come unravelled at the least little thing, my husband cannot stand dealing with ordering pizza on the phone he would come unglued at the slightest variation in the ordering process, now that pizza can be ordered online there is peace in our house.

Since I am calling everyone else out let me share my tipping point, technology. If technology does not function in the manner I expect it to, and I expect it to cater to my every need instantly and consistently, I literally lose it. I am fascinated that this sends me off because I am pretty laid back, you can break almost anything in my house and I really am not going to get too excited. But my computer won’t boot up or worst yet suddenly locks up and I will go into some sort of shape shifting, demonic possession, tongue speaking dimension.  I know when I’ve gone there because when I come out of “it” my family is gazing at me with the horrified, yet morbid curiosity one has when looking at a side-show act. You know head tilted, eye brows furrowed, uncomfortable wince, yet can’t take their eyes off of me, look.

As I am sitting here in judgement I also what to question the judgers, you know I want to judge the judgers. I am fascinated, almost to the point of distraction, with people who judge others motives, intentions, and actions. Recently I was told of an interesting situation, a friend was helping a neighbor who found herself in a crisis. So she dove in to action and helped her out, another neighbor got upset that the friend did not let others in the neighborhood know of the situation. I am fascinated by that response. When I found out my first thought was wow so grateful you were there to help out and next was is there anything I can do to help. Frustration with the very person who helped out never crossed my mind. Again another question I ponder, why? What is gong on that your first response is frustration for not knowing? There is obviously more to that story than I am privy to and that is just ok with me.

Ok now my last question to ponder which is popping up all over the internet and social media, why do people in the name of celebrating the holidays, turn to rabid animal-like behavior over purchasing a product at a reduced rate on the infamous Black Friday or now the Thanks”but gone shopping” Day. I know several people who each year venture out on Black Friday and I would gaze at them with the same morbid curiosity one has when looking at a side-show act.  Seriously I have been poor, I know when you have to stretch a dollar as far as it can go and yet I still can’t imagine subjecting myself to the insanity that occurs; crowds, traffic, and hysteria, just to save a few dollars on stuff. I guess for some it’s like hunting. The prey is illusive, the conditions can be treacherous, and patience is the key.

My wish is that we all remember to be kind to and accepting of each other. While I may not understand why some people, including myself, engage in behavior that seems incongruent, I love them and I love myself. I always believe people are doing the best they can, with the tools they have, at that particular place and time. Peace out.

No simplicity of mind, no obscurity of station, can escape the universal duty of questioning all that we believe. ~ William Kingdon Clifford

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