I bark therefore I am. Ahhhh harmony.

Every time I hear the word harmony I always flashback to the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Varuca Salt (the immature and overindulged young girl ) is having a temper tantrum at her dad’s nut factory.  The scene is priceless, she is pitching a huge fit because she hasn’t won the golden ticket yet, even though her dad has every worker in his nut factory unwrapping a ridiculous number of chocolate bars, and her mum states to her dad, “peace and harmony all that matters in a happy family.” 

I think it’s kind of funny that harmony conjures up this memory for me, so understandably I have always had a funny feeling associated with that word.  I bring it up because I heard it twice this week in reference to people wishing they had more harmony in their lives and it left me feeling uneasy both times.  So I was thinking about harmony and how I feel about what it means.  In order to get to the bottom of this and ease my apprehension, to this seemingly innocent word, I looked it up in the dictionary.  Aside from the music-related definition, harmony is defined as the agreement in feeling or opinion.  Hmmmmmm.  I am not sure how I feel about that, I am a staunch believer in everyone experiencing their own feelings and having their own opinions.  

So this whole harmony thing sounds a little “Stepford wife-ish” to me, if you don’t understand my characterization, and anyone born after 1970 may not, it is referring to the 1975 movie where all the housewives in the town of Stepford are compliant and dutiful servants to their husbands, and it turns out they are all robots.  Geez……see what I mean, now I am not only suspicious of harmony, I am down right creeped out by it.  I realize this is probably not fair to a seemingly pleasant word, but that’s where it lulls you in.  It sounds so innocent to say, I just want a little harmony, but do you want everyone to have the same feelings and opinions, on one hand I have visions of humanoid robots all functioning in harmony hey there’s no conflict but there’s no spice to that either, just vanilla bland.  The other thing that bothers me about harmony is that it seems to reflect a, what about them approach, like everything would be great if they would get in line with me.  So I thought sister you have got to get in harmony with harmony.  So I decided to look at harmony differently. 

What about personal harmony?  So let’s exclude all external considerations and just look at intrinsic harmony.  Maybe when people are saying they want harmony they are not thinking about others at all, they are saying they need their whole person to be in harmony.  Now this is something I can relate to and understand.  It has personal responsibility attached to it, and it is something we have control over, all we have to do is look inward.  So harmony just means we are walking our talk.  In other words if we say it, we play it.  The other thing I like about this perspective is that we can all be in harmony and yet each still be unique and have our own flair.  Ok this is exciting, I have shifted my thoughts about harmony and all it took was a mirror! 

I don’t know about you but I am feeling much better about this, so from now on when someone says they want harmony I will still conjure up the image of Varuca’s mum but then I will say – that’s marvelous just align your thoughts, with your words and your actions and you will be in harmony.  I have found my happy place with harmony!!!!

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

About itrustmyjourney

My name is Marsia I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and engineer. I have been journeying for awhile and decided to created this blog as an extension of my journaling and really as my therapy. I call my blog I trust my journey because that mindset has been such a comfort for me. The landscape of my life has changed pretty dramatically over the past year. All this turbulence in my life has really given me the opportunity to recognize where I need to focus energy and truly understand my purpose here. My purpose is compassion and joy. If my words have inspired compassion or joy please share them with me dear reader.

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